Client Review

Gianina Halos

Gracias a todos los nuevos canales de comunicación con nuestros clientes, ahora podemos presentar nuestras más nuevas recetas a una mayor audiencia.

(translated from spanish)
Thanks to all the channels we now have at our disposition, we can show our newest recipes to a bigger audience.


Bar El Patio is a family owned bar located in Binéfar, Spain. They serve their neightbors and local customers with daily cooked breakfasts.

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Build a website that would display information to clients about the business, nicely present the available menu and list all the other services available beside serving at the location.


The owner picked the hosting from a list provided by us and the website si built using the Laravel framework.

Digital Presence

For this client we optimized their digital presence in order to ensure that their clients will be able to find them online.


Duration: 10 hours

At every step of the process we collaborated closely with the client decided on the best solution to move forward.

We are taking care of the website's health to ensure their clients can always find them online.

Now, let's build your project!

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