It's 2020

You must have a presence where your clients attention is, be that on search engines, social media, local presence. Those are only the channels you must have in order to be discovered.

Now that the clients can find you, they expect to engage with you, interact with you directly; and even more important than that, they expect you to provide updates too.

Our solution is designed to offer you all these features so you can focus on your customers.

The is no way around anymore.

Digital Presence - Search Engine Feature illustration

Search Engines

A beautiful website that no search engine can understand, no client will find. It's worth nothing.

Our websites include all the technicalities needed so that search engines can understand it's content. This understanding provides more context and opportunities to be found.

Digital Presence - Social Media Feature illustration

Social Media

Your profile is more than an account with some last password that you have created many years ago.

These are your direct channels to provide your customers with updates abour your business and products and let them engage with you.

Digital Presence - Local Presence Feature illustration

Local Presence

It's good to have your information listed on some hard cover books that are updated once in a while.

It's better to have your information listed online, be present on maps like Google's or Waze's and have your data in aggregators used by endless businesses.

Digital Presence illustration

The Solution

Our recipe provides you with the ability to reach your clients daily,
have a strong online position and be found by the nearest clients


  • Modern Website with Blog
  • Landingpage
  • SEO Optimization
  • Analytics Setup
  • Social Profiles Creation
  • Social Tools Setup
  • Google My Business
  • Map Services Presence


999€ / flat

(plus tax)

Maintenance (optional)

We make sure everything is working:

  • Up to date local directories profiles information.
  • Hosting for your website and email
  • Domain Included (up to 30€ / year)
  • Back-ups and Restoration
  • Monitoring

Price: 24€ / month

(plus tax)

Businesses we have worked with

Gianina Halos(view project)

Gracias a todos los nuevos canales de comunicación con nuestros clientes, ahora podemos presentar nuestras más nuevas recetas a una mayor audiencia.

(translated from spanish)
Thanks to all the channels we now have at our disposition, we can show our newest recipes to a bigger audience.
Ester Colomina(view project)

La mayoría de mis pacientes se ponen en contacto a través de mi página web. Es una herramienta fundamental para mi trabajo.

(translated from spanish)
A majority of my clients come through the website. It's a fundamental tool for my work.

Now, let's build your project!

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