1. Define Direction

No idea is just one thing. Discussing, disagreeing, writing things down, give these ideas grow and trim the unnecessary is all part of our process for defining the project guidelines and guardrails.

We are going to answer to:

  • What is the expected outcome?
  • What success is going to look like?
  • What total failure is going to look like?

2. Prototype

Giving shape to ideas is the best way to spot oppotunities and problems early on without much investment.

We will create an interactive yet low level definitions of the final idea to validate but also leaving enough room to make changes as we progress.

3. Decide Solution

We don't do busy work. Commitment to a plan is the only way to getting things done. While ideas are unlimited, time is not and without implementation all the ideas are worthless.

We are going to define:

  • What to work on?
  • What to not work on?
  • Create an actionable plan

4. Implementation

There is no better place than the execution time to learn about the project. Close collaboration is critical for achieving the expected results.


Relentless execution on actions to advance the project and learning about course corrections.


After a short fixed period of time, a demo of the current progress is presented to the client and a discussion takes place.

Once the present is reviewed and assesed we decide what to work in order to achieve to the next goal.


You get frequent status updates about the project's evolution and what is currently going on.

When a roadblock is found, we make it our priority to find solutions and, together with you, make the necessary trade-offs.

5. Pre-Launch

To ensure everything works from day one, we setup an environment for internal usage and early users for hands-on feedback.

A final round of checks and tests is performed to ensure that everything is working as expected.

The documentation for the project is prepared and the last details are polished.

6. Launch

Your project is on production and the final hand-off is done.

Now, let's build your project!

Ricci Facalet photo